What is Odd Elixir?

Odd Elixir Meads is a nano concept winery specializing in mead located inside DeLand Abbey in Historic Downtown DeLand, Florida.

Our journey began a decade ago when a visit to a Renaissance Festival sparked an interest in what mead was and why everyone was so upset that the mead was gone. Why was the mead gone and why did people care so much!? After several failed attempts to pick up a bottle of mead at the local bottle shop Ann-Marie turned to the internet. What she found was, as a long time home wine maker, she already knew the basics of how to make mead and didn't even realize it! That is when her obsession began and the mead has been flowing ever since.

At Odd Elixir, our approach to meads marries traditional techniques with a creative approach to ingredients and flavor. Odd Elixir believes in working with the local community as much as possible.  It is our goal to seek out small, family owned suppliers and partners for all aspects of our business whenever possible. We are inspired, not only by the amazing local flavors Florida has to offer, but by the wonderful variety and creativity within the craft beer community.

what is mead


Honey has been a prized and sacred food for societies all over the world. Fun Fact, Honey is the only natural food that never spoils. It can be found year round and in nearly all parts of the world.

Mead is the result of the fermentation of a honey and water mixture. Mead is arguably the oldest fermented beverage on the planet! Over 10,000 year old cave paintings found in Spain are the oldest documented account of beekeeping and honey collection.  (Trivia - Those same paintings also show the first documented use of a ladder!)

Our Set Up

Our 'facility' is a very small but very efficient space.  We are set up in two small rooms in the back of Abbey Bar in DeLand.  Our total square footage is just under 100 sq. ft.  In that space we have a variety of fermentation tanks. At any given time we can have up to 5 barrels (155 gallons) of mead fermenting.  Our wine tanks are locally sourced, repurposed stainless steel drums that were retrofitted by a local company to fit our needs. The majority of the mead we produce is packaged in kegs and served on draft.  We will be expanding our packaged offerings over the next 12 months.