'Tis the Season of Special Releases

This will be a short post today but I thought I would let everyone know what we have been up to the past couple of weeks.

We have been working on all the special releases for a bunch of really cool events and holidays.  Here is the short list of what to look forward to each month!

August - Apricot Mermaid Song, Cranberry Lime Sour Session Mead

September - Sam's Libation (German Chocolate Cake), All Hail Peaches (Imperial Peaches the Friendly Ghost), Too Soon? (Smoked Imperial Wilcox Cider), Stouthearted (American hopped Bochet aged on Burnside Bourbon infused oak), Who's the Mandarina? (Aggressively Hopped Mead) 

October - Gourd Golly (Farmhouse Pumpkin Mead with pie spices and habanero), Lavender Fields Forever (Lavender Lemon Mead)

November - Poker Face (Maple Mead), Ugly Sweat'R (mead with hot peppers), Respect Your Elders (Elderberry Mead)

December - Morning Zin (Zinfandel Pyment made with Trilogy Coffee, aged on oak and finished with roasted honey), HOPS (quarterly hoppy mead yet to be named)