So Many New Things!

If you have walked into the tasting room recently you surely noticed a certain lack of meads available.  There is nothing like getting married and having bilateral hand surgery all within two weeks of each other to put things a little off schedule.

We had an amazing wedding day with all our friends and family.  And of course we had MEAD!!!  Blair brewed up a batch of Lupuglin to satisfy our hop loving friends.  We had a fun blueberry cider available and we had our "I Do" Brew.  "I Do" Brew is a single varietal mead done with Black Mangrove honey sourced from smack dab in the middle of Mosquito Lagoon.  It was such a hit I never even got a glass!!!!!

Our plans were to remake that next year on our one year anniversary. However, since I didn't get any (this is where I pout and stomp my feet) I have decided to make a small batch for our two year Odd Elixir Anniversary coming up in August. Stay tuned for more info on that!

Of course you don't have to wait until August to get new meads from us.  After we recovered from our wedding we began a restructuring of sorts that will help us stay better on track.  Then I had my hand surgery and poor Blair was left to do pretty much everything in April.  He really is the best!  Our core meads are stocked back up and we have some fun experiments and specials coming your way soon.

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming out this weekend...

No Thorns is our Mother's Day release.  This year we used Rose, Hibiscus, and Pomegranate.  We will have this available on draft and bottle starting Friday. This year we will have a limited amount of bottles available so if you are still looking for a Mother's Day gift we've got you covered. Twelve ounce bottles are available for $15 each, limit 2 per person. After all, you are probably the reason mom drinks!

Last year we discovered that Stetson University had beehives and we were able to make a small batch of really unique mead with the honey just in time for graduation. This year we weren't able to get a hold of as much so we improvised! Class of 2017 uses local wildflower honey from NSB and is finished with Stetson honey to preserve the nuances of this unique honey.

Anyone that knows me well knows that I have a bit of an obsession with tea, Earl Grey, especially hot.  This mead is out of this world and deserves to be shared with strange new worlds. In an effort to seek out new libations, we boldly go where no mead has gone before and combine Earl Grey tea, lavender, vanilla, and lactose. This is extremely limited so it would be highly illogical if you didn't come get some right away.  You know resistance is futile.

We have had a lot of requests for another spicy mead.  Who's Your Datil will be out next month but until then we have Burn Ban for you.  We used Anaheim Peppers this time and experimented with a new way to infuse the mead with the peppers. Sometimes experiments don't go as planned and this one didn't turn out as spicy as some had hoped.  It is still quite tasty though with a little hint of smoke in the background! 

It's Raining Blood Orange (#playslayer) debuted at our 1 year anniversary. It was brewed in honor of a local, not so secret, meme filled, #hashtagloving, more inside jokes than I can keep up with, group of beer nerds.  Strange inside jokes and bad memes aside, It's Raining Blood Orange is done with wildflower honey, blood orange puree, and dry hopped with Cascade hops.

It's carrot cake. What else can I say?  Who doesn't love carrot cake?  (If you just raised your hand I may have to rethink our friendship!!) We have organic carrot juice, a healthy dose of cinnamon and vanilla, and finished off with some lactose to add creaminess!

And that's not all but I have to keep a few secrets.  You will just have to stop by and check things out this week.

Mark Your Calenders!

Abbey celebrates their 11th Anniversary on May 20th.  We are releasing 4 brand new meads all brewed especially for Abbey's birthday party; Birthday Cake, Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys, and The Freak Show. By special request we will also have Plum Crazy and Fram-Boy-Zee available on draft.

Stop. Collaborate. And Listen.

We are very fortunate to live in an amazing community.  From the unique and creative goods to the wonderful and heartfelt causes, our community is full of people that strive to make a difference. In an effort to showcase the people that make our community great we have begun a series called Community Collaborations. Each month we will feature a business and create a mead with their help.

This month we start off our Community Collaborations Series with a double whammy.  This month we were honored to make a mead for the Syrian Solidarity Dinner hosted at the home of Jarrod Dixon, owner and chef at J&D Catering, and organized by Lacey McLaughlin, owner of Idea Dinners.

Solidarity Dinners bring together community members in support of special causes.  People gather around the table and discuss a variety of topics over expertly prepared food and drink. I have been to several events hosted by Lacey and enjoyed several meals by Jarrod including the amazing meal he prepared for my wedding. Needless to say I was really excited to see what would happen when the two of them collaborated. When I approached them about making a mead for the dinner and making them part of our first Community Collaboration they were both open to the idea.  That's when my research on Syrian cuisine began.

Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, Syrian cuisine has been strongly influenced by its neighbors. Turkish and Lebanese cuisines are strongly recognizable in the flavors of Syria. Yogurt, chick peas, olives, garlic, lemon, eggplant and fresh herbs such as parsley and mint all play a central role. The national dish of Syria is kibbeh, a deep-fried, torpedo-shaped croquette usually filled with minced lamb or beef.  Meat and spices play a huge role in the flavors of Syrian, particularly those used in the spice mixes za’atar and baharat. Syrian dishes are created to be shared and enjoyed as part of a big group. Syrian cuisine is simple, delicious and social. This sounded perfect for the purpose of this dinner!  Now I had to come up with the flavor profile for our mead.

For our first Community Collaboration I resisted the urge to explore some of the more unique flavors available to me.  We had a group of people coming that I did not know so we opted for a slightly more reserved route and opted for an Apricot mead. Syria is well known for their dried fruits, in particular apricots. One special apricot drink is Amar-el-Deen.  This is a sweet drink made from soaking sheets of dried apricots overnight and making it into a sweet nectar.  Rosewater is often mixed in but instead of rosewater we opted to feature another Syrian spice, cardamom.  Cardamom was already being featured in some of the food so it felt more appropriate for this dinner.  We created a cardamom syrup using date palm sugar which is much less sweet than honey or sugar and has an amazing earthy aroma.  We added that and our lovely apricot nectar to our wildflower honey mead and the resulting mead is mighty tasty, if I do say so myself!

Our dinner started out with a creamy hummus, simply prepared with lemon and served with dates, olives, and warm pita. Course number 2 was a fresh salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and fresh figs.  I could have eaten a couple more plates of this. It was so simple and so perfect.

I was a bit leery of the soup course.  I'm not a huge fan of lentils and we had a curry lentil soup heading our way.  I will have to give lentils anther chance because the soup was hearty and delicious and had all the makings of comfort food!

And all those amazing dishes brought us to the main course, a slow braised leg of lamb and couscous. We had been looking forward to this course all night and I don't think anyone was disappointed.  The lamb was spiced with a blend of Syrian and Mediterranean spices and just fell off the bone.  The highly aromatic leg of lamb was tender enough to cut with a fork and was served on a bed of couscous with warm pita.

How tasty does that look!?!

Jarrod at J&D Catering and Lacey with Idea Dinners out did themselves putting together this dinner and we are honored to be able to create a mead to complement such an amazing meal.

Here's a toast to good friends, good food, and the table that brings them together.

100 percent of all funds raised by this dinner will be donated to Global Giving's campaign to provide emergency assistance for children fleeing Syria. Global Giving has been ranked as a four-star charity by Charity Navigator. 

Want to try our Syrian inspired mead?  RU Syria Us is on draft for a limited time in the tasting room. One dollar from each glass will be donated to Global Giving.  If you would like to make an additional donation please send your donation via paypal to or to Lacey McLaughlin via venmo. Cash donations will also be accepted in the tasting room while RU Syria Us is available.