It is our goal to use local ingredients whenever possible.  We are proud to use locally sourced honey from Webb's Honey, Sun Splash Apiary, and several smaller apiaries throughout Florida.

Year Round

art_Abbey Normal.jpg

Peaches the Friendly Ghost - Mead with Peach, 5.5%, Semi-Dry

Abbey Normal - Florida Wildflower Honey Mead, 6.5%, Sweet

Lim*E*rick - Mead with Key Lime, 5.5%, Dry

Green Goddess - Mead with Peach, Mango, and Pineapple, 6%, Semi-Sweet


Current Special Release Calendar

January - RU Syria US, Bennie's Brew

February - Love Story, It's Raining Blood Orange

March - "I Do" Brew, Fram Boy Zee

April - Make It So, Lupuglin

May - Sham Pag Nuh, No Thorns, Birthday Cake

June - Unicorn Fruit, I Guava Dream

July - Island Time, Arnold's Passion, Charlie Chaplin

August - Carrot Cake, Sham Pag Nuh, Lavender Fields, Mermaid Song, Anniversary Special Releases

September - All Hail Peaches, Smitty's Revenge, Sam's Libation, Madam Curie

October - Witch Please, Gourd Golly, Paranormal Activity, Pink Drink, I Guava Dream

November - Poker Face, TOMgria, DANgria

December - Ugly Sweat'R, Phil and Berts, Sham Pag Nuh, Elderberry