It is our goal to use local ingredients whenever possible.  We are proud to use locally sourced honey from Webb's Honey, Fredrickson's Apiary, and several smaller apiaries throughout Florida.

Year Round

art_Abbey Normal.jpg

Peaches the Friendly Ghost - Mead with Peach, 5.5%, Semi-Dry

Abbey Normal - Florida Wildflower Honey Mead, 6.5%, Sweet

Lim*E*rick - Mead with Key Lime, 5.5%, Dry

Green Goddess - Mead with Peach, Mango, and Pineapple, 6%, Semi-Sweet



It's Raining Blood Orange - Mead with Blood Orange and Cascade Hops 6%, Semi-Sweet - Released Spring

Mermaid Song Gosemel - Mead with Orange Peel, Coriander and Sea Salt, 5%, Dry - Released Summer

Poker Face Acerglyn - Mead with Maple Syrup, 8%, Semi-Sweet - Released Fall

Bennie's Brew - Mead with Dark Roast Sumatran Coffee and Lactose made with locally roasted Trilogy Coffee, 6%, Semi-Sweet - Released Winter (formerly known as Potential)


Current Special Release Calendar

January - Mango A-Go-Go, Morning Zin, Bennie's Brew

February - Paranormal Activity, Love Story

March - Bennie's Brew, Bennie's Afternoon Pick Me Up, I Do Brew, Tej, Green Drink

April - Hemp Hemp Hooray, It's Raining Blood Orange, Make It So,  Foster Series: Charlie Chaplin, Cracker Jack

May - Afternoon Zin, No Thorns, Class of 2018, Sham Pag Nuh, Birthday Cake, Who's Your Datil, Fram BoyZee, Pit of Misery, Arnold's Passion

June - Mermaid Song, Lavender Fields Forever

July - Red Tape, Blueaucracy, White Anglo Saxon Protestant, Island Time

August - Meil Sur Lie, Cat 5, Lupuglin, Carrot Cake, Sham Pag Nuh

September - Evening Zin, All Hail Peaches, Smitty's Revenge

October - Witch Please, Sam's Libation, Gourd Golly, Poker Face, Paranormal Activity

November - Unicorn Fruit, TOMgria, DANgria, Ugly Sweat'R, 

December - 12 Days of Christmas, Smitty's XXXmas, Phil and Berts, C-O-B Punch, Sham Pag Nuh, Elderberry