It is our goal to use local ingredients whenever possible.  We are proud to use locally sourced honey from Webb's Honey, Fredrickson's Apiary, and several smaller apiaries throughout Florida.

Year Round

Peaches the Friendly Ghost - Mead with Peach, 5.5%, Semi-Dry

Green Goddess - Mead with Peach, Mango, and Pineapple, 6%, Semi-Sweet

Lim*E*rick - Mead with Key Lime, 5.5%, Dry



It's Raining Blood Orange - Mead with Blood Orange and Cascade Hops 6%, Semi-Sweet - Released Spring

Mermaid Song Gosemel - Mead with Orange Peel, Coriander and Sea Salt, 5%, Dry - Released Summer

Poker Face Acerglyn - Mead with Maple Syrup, 8%, Semi-Sweet - Released Fall

Bennie's Brew - Mead with Dark Roast Sumatran Coffee and Lactose made with locally roasted Trilogy Coffee, 6%, Semi-Sweet - Released Winter (formerly known as Potential)


Special Release

No Thorns - Mead with Roses, Pomegranate, and Hibiscus, 10%, Sweet - Released May

Class of ... - Single Varietal Mead with Honey from the Stetson University Gardens, 11%, Sweet - Released May

Ugly SweatR - Mead with Carolina Reaper Peppers, 9%, Sweet, REALLY HOT!! - Released December

Lavender Fields Forever - Mead with Lemon and Lavender, 5.5%, Semi-Sweet - Released Spring/Summer

Paranormal Activity - Peaches the Friendly Ghost infused with additional Peaches and Ginger - Released September

Big Bennie - Firkin, Tasting Room Only, An Imperial version of Potential with coffee beans, vanilla and Bourbon Infused Oak, 8%, Semi Sweet - Released January

FemtoLab Series - This is our experimental series.  Who knows what flavor these are going to be.  They may be made again; they may not.